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All eco.kid products are certified organic...

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Eco.kid is the healthiest choice personal care for kids and our Planet!


Clean, Natural, Certified Organic Prebiotic Plant-based

✔100% Vegan
✔No Preservatives
✔No Silicones
✔No Artificial Fragrances
✔No Artificial Colourings
✔No Sulphates
✔Readily Biodegradable
✔The Healthiest Choice For Our Kids & Our Planet

Detango Daily Care Bundle
Detango Daily Care Bundle
Sale price$62.85
Nit Ninja Head Lice Checking Bundle
Nit Ninja Head Lice Checking Bundle
Sale price$59.95
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11 / 2
Unconditionally in love with the ecokids products. Very clean, effective and my daughters love them!

Rihab S.

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