Ancient Plant-Based Wisdom Reimagined With Advanced Plant Science

We source more than 200 ingredients from around the world to harness the power and efficacy of marine bioactive, plant derived surfactants and conditioning actives, concentrated seed extracts, essential oils, plant esters, wild-harvested plant extracts and plant waxes. All combined in our formulations to create super-natural magic

Using eco.kid products means making conscious choices for our kid’s bodies and our planet.

Our product label's anatomy/declarations offers absolute transparency. The percentage of natural and certified organic ingredients is provided for each and every product, and we are audited and certified by COSMOS as well as the USDA and the ACO by ACO Certification Ltd (Australia) on every batch we manufacture.

Every ingredient in every eco.kid formulation must first be approved by our certifying auditors. It must have a sustainable traceable source right back to the soil in which it grew, the green-tech processes it has undergone in production, its authentic non-animal tested status, through to its readily biodegradable status, and the Supplier we purchase from is locked to the ingredient traceability.

Once we have established this structure for a single raw material, then this is the only supplier-source the particular ingredient can come from to be used in our formulations. 


Never use Water-based product to remove headlice eggs.

Schools often send notes home instructing parents to comb the hair with conditioner to inspect for headlice. Although well meaning, this advice is not as helpful as it is intended to be.

Water-based product will swell human hair 15% within 2 minutes making the lice eggs more difficult to remove.

Oil-based products will not swell the hairshaft and are transparent making it much easier to identify the live lice and much easier to remove lice and thier nit eggs from the hair.


Oil-based Are the Best Headlice Treatments

Oil-based Headlice combing solution and headlice treatments are the best choice for detecting and eradicating headlice.

Any oil will suffocate the live lice and the oil will help support the easy release of the lice nit eggs.


Why are nit eggs so tough to remove

The nit eggs are glued to the hairsaft by a liquid chitisan. Chitisan is the same natural material as the shell of a beetle, so once it dries and hardens it forms a permanent casing around the hair fibre.

Only sliding the casing up the hairshaft will allow it to be removed.

Nit Ninja Nit Picker Pre-Shampoo Combing Oil is formulated to penetrate beneath the tough shell structure and lubricate the hair fibre to allow for effortless removal of the egg.