Average across our line is 99.8% Natural Raw Ingredients

Beyond clean & green

eco.kid is personal care for kids

Beyond Clean & Green

Certified Organic and Preservative-Free, to us anything less can not really be called “clean”.

Using eco.kid products means making conscious choices for our kid’s body and our planet.

The percentage of natural and certified organic ingredients is provided for each and every product, and we’re audited and certified by COSMOS as well as the USDA and the ACO by ACO Certification Ltd Australia.

Artificial fragrances and preservatives are the greatest potential source of Endocrine Disruptive Chemicals and should never be used in kid’s products.

The aromas that make our products smell so irresistible are made from pure plant essential oils/flavours.

Our products are self-preserving using our proprietary Microbial Hurdle Technology and are safe from microbial attack when in the bottle, and are converted to prebiotic actives when diluted to the skin, scalp and hair.

Our goal is to have a minimum of 100% natural content in each product formula with no exceptions. By “Natural” we mean 0% Synthetic Moieties (Free-from Synthetics). Our average across the line is 99.8% natural and 0.2% Synthetic Moieties. We are fully transparent of what “natural”, “organic”, “clean”, and “green” means.


Clean, Natural, Certified Organic Prebiotic Plant-based

✔100% Vegan
✔No Preservatives
✔No Silicones
✔No Artificial Fragrances
✔No Artificial Colourings
✔No Sulphates
✔Readily Biodegradable
✔The Healthiest Choice For Our Kids & Our Planet