How to Style Toddler Hair

How to Style Toddler Hair

Not sure how to style toddler hair? Are ponytails or pigtails your go-to hairstyle for your little one?


Styling toddler hair can feel a little daunting, so that’s why we’ve put together our favourite hairstyles and products to get you started. Read on to find out more.

How to style toddler hair: the essential products

Everybody knows that a good hair day starts with a good hair care routine - the same goes for your toddler! And the key to a good hair routine is the products.

Shampoo & conditioner

Whether their hair is straight, coily, curly or wavy, every toddler’s hair needs to be regularly shampooed and conditioned.


Our favourite shampoos and conditioners:

  • Detango Daily Shampoo and Detango Daily Conditioner
  • Nit Ninja Daily Defense Shampoo and Nit Ninja Daily Defense Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner

To make your toddler’s hair soft, silky and manageable, we highly recommend using a leave-in conditioner after you’ve washed their hair. This will not only make styling their hair easier, but will also prevent frizz.


Our favourite leave-in conditioners:

  • Detango Curl Boss Leave-In Conditioning Lotion (for curly hair)
  • Detango Leave-in Conditioner & Detangling Tonic (for tangled hair)

Styling wax

No matter how you choose to style your toddler’s hair, a wax is going to be your go-to. Kids are incredibly active, so you need something that’s going to slick down those flyaways and keep those braids in place. Enter the Bubbalicious Soft Styling Wax and the Tuff Stuff Strong Styling Wax.


Bubbalicious Soft Styling Wax

This is the only type of bubble gum you want in their hair! With a soft hold and natural shine, this wax is great for smoothing flyaway hairs and perfect for dressing curls, ringlets and waves.


How to use: apply to damp or dry hair and style.


Tuff Stuff Strong Styling Wax

Formulated with Australian essential oils and sustainably harvested, pure plant botanical waxes, this matte clay is made for serious doos. Points, twists and spikey bits, you name it. Want hair that won’t budge throughout the day? This is the wax for you!


How to use: apply to damp or dry hair and style.

How to style toddler hair: 4 easy hairstyles

1. Space buns

This is a hairstyle you can really put your own twist on! Plus it’s a lot easier to do than you think. You can either incorporate a braid as shown in the picture below, or just stick with the space buns themselves. And if your toddler’s hair is too short, just move the space buns to the base of their neck and add a cute bow or scrunchies.


How to do it:

  • Part their hair in half using a comb. Clip one half out of the way.
  • If their hair is long, gather their hair up into a high pigtail near the top of their head. If their hair is short, gather the hair into a low pigtail.
  • Use a brush to smooth out any kinks as you go.
  • Secure the hair with a hair tie. Then begin to twist the pigtail around your finger until it’s completely twisted. Wrap the twisted hair around the base of the pigtail to form a bun. Secure it with another hair tie or a scrunchie.
  • Do the same for the other half of their head. Tame any flyaways with the Bubbalicious Soft Styling Wax.

2. French braid and bun

Simple and oh-so-cute, this hairstyle is perfect for ballet classes or sport! This involves french braiding your little one’s hair, so if you’re not confident doing that, you can always just twist their hair into a bun.


How to do it:

  • Section their hair into two halves, and clip one half away.
  • Begin to french braid the first half of their hair, from near their forehead all the way to their ear. Once it reaches the ear, stop braiding and just continue with a plait. Secure the plait with a hair tie or elastic. Do the same for the other half of their head.
  • Now you’ve got two braids on either side of their head (which is also a cute hairstyle itself!). Pull the braids to the base of their neck, tie them with a hair elastic and then begin to form a bun. Then just secure the bun with another hair tie or scrunchie to complete the look. Use the Bubbalicious Soft Styling Wax to give the braid some extra hold.

3. Spiked ‘do

Don’t think we’ve forgotten about the boys! There are so many ways to style a toddler boy’s short hair, but this one is a no-fuss, easy style that can be done in minutes.




How to do it:

  • Brush through their hair to remove any knots or tangles (if their hair is long enough).
  • Take some Tuff Stuff Strong Styling Wax and warm it in between your fingers.
  • Place your hands on either side of their head and start to sweep them in an upwards motion to create the mohawk spiked look.
  • Alternatively, you can use the wax to create messy spikes over the top of their head!

Twist and Clipped 

If you’re still new to learning how to style toddler hair, this is the hairstyle for you. It works on all hair types too - straight, curly, wispy or thick.




How to do it:

  • Brush through their hair to remove any tangles.
  • Part their hair either according to their normal part or straight down the middle.
  • Take a small section of hair from one side and gently twist it. Secure this twist with a clip or a cute bow. Do the same thing for the other half of their hair, and voila! The cutest, easiest hairstyle.


Now you know how to style toddler hair, go on and try our tips and styles! And before you go, be sure to check out all of eco.kid’s hair styling products. You can shop them online and get free shipping over $40.