Somedays we just need a  five minute quick-fix to a complex problem...

We need the Quick-fix Nit-Ninja Treatment with Nit Ninja Daily Defense Shampoo... it is the healthiest choice innovation in daily head lice treatments.

The formula is rich in essential oils that help remove headlice and their eggs, and the specially developed Essential Oils based formulation leaves behind pure-fumes that smells nice to us... but not nice to lice... i.e. helps protects against reinfestation.

Essential Oils are Mother Nature's wild-crafted active ingredients against nasties... they can't resist.. pretty clever, hey! 

Not a silly question...

is the Quick-fix Nit-Ninja Treatment as good as using "Nit Ninja Lice Bomb Treatment"?

No, we're sorry to say that for a serious headlice infestation you need the super concentrated formulation. Nits (headlice eggs) and the creepy little crawly critters that lay them can be tough to get rid of, so sometimes you just need the full-on formula to get the job done right... that calls for Lice Bomb!

However, for the quick-fix for the day (or night), Nit Ninja Daily Defense Shampoo lathered-up and left on the hair for 5 minutes will get you through.

Often kids just get one or two headlice... its like being munched on by one or two mosquitos... no biggie... really! Please don't start washing the bed linen and vacuuming the whole house, even if you get itchy-headed yourself just thinking about it. :) 

This is where Quick-fix Nit-Ninja Treatment with Nit Ninja Daily Defense Shampoo is perfect! If you follow with Nit Ninja Daily Defense Conditioner you are giving those nasty little critters the double-chop-suey... hi-ya!

And... because Nit Ninja Daily Defense Shampoo and Nit Ninja Daily Defense Conditioner are certified organic you know that this Quick-fix Nit-Ninja Treatment is safe to repeat as many days in a row as needed until you are confident that you are on top of the problem.

This nit prevention treatment not only creates the healthiest, shiniest and tangle-free hair, but it makes your kids hair a No-go Zone for nits.

So, it's really the best choice solution when you know that there are headlice about, and you just want to make sure that you don't give them the slightest chance of setting up home in your kid's hair!

Trust good old Mother Nature to give us the best solutions... She never let's us down! 


Never use Water-based product to remove headlice eggs.

Schools often send notes home instructing parents to comb the hair with conditioner to inspect for headlice. Although well meaning, this advice is not as helpful as it is intended to be.

Water-based product will swell human hair 15% within 2 minutes making the lice eggs more difficult to remove.

Oil-based products will not swell the hairshaft and are transparent making it much easier to identify the live lice and much easier to remove lice and thier nit eggs from the hair.


Oil-based Are the Best Headlice Treatments

Oil-based Headlice combing solution and headlice treatments are the best choice for detecting and eradicating headlice.

Any oil will suffocate the live lice and the oil will help support the easy release of the lice nit eggs.


Why are nit eggs so tough to remove

The nit eggs are glued to the hairsaft by a liquid chitisan. Chitisan is the same natural material as the shell of a beetle, so once it dries and hardens it forms a permanent casing around the hair fibre.

Only sliding the casing up the hairshaft will allow it to be removed.

Nit Ninja Nit Picker Pre-Shampoo Combing Oil is formulated to penetrate beneath the tough shell structure and lubricate the hair fibre to allow for effortless removal of the egg.