Kids Hair Styling Products

Braid, twist, spike, and slick hair down flat with Eco.kid’s organic kid's hair styling products. Vegan and 100% certified organic, our kids hair care  is formulated with sensitive skin in mind.

 Made from carnauba wax, essential oils and sustainably sourced palm wax, our kids hair styling products are completely water soluble and safe for our waterways. They’re also free from any nasties such as artificial fragrances, silicones and biocidal preservatives.

Before styling, make sure your kid’s hair is squeaky clean with our kids shampoo and kids conditioner. Every product is packed full of natural ingredients that work to nourish and rejuvenate your kid's hair.

For hair that won’t budge throughout the day, opt for our strong hold styling wax TUFF STUFF - made from tough, matte clay. It can be used on either wet or dry hair, and on all types of hair, including naturally curly, coarse or ultra-fine textured hair. With vitamin E (an amazing antioxidant) and peppermint, grapefruit, citrus peel extract and melaleuca tea tree oil, their hair will smell and feel amazing all day long.

For a light hold, look to our smooth styling paste - BUBBALICIOUS. Perfect for braiding and slicking down the fluffiest of flyaway frizz or baby hair, this kids hair styling product makes styling in the morning fun and easy! If your little one has naturally curly hair, this product is amazing for shaping ringlets too!

Whether you want to create a mini punk-rocker, make the tightest of ballet buns or go all in on the next crazy hair day at school, our kids hair styling products are for serious styling. Shop our all natural hair wax and natural organic kids hair care online today!

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Why repeat Nit Picking treatments every seven days?

Getting rid of the unsightly lice eggs (nits) helps prevent a few baby lice hatchlings become a full infestation and effect other kids.