Ingredient Sourcing

our ingredient promise

100% of every ingredient for all Eco.kid product is certified sustainably sourced. 

Our commitment to deliver high performance certified organic botanically-based products that are kinder to your kid's skin, and to our Planet, goes much deeper than our use of naturally derived ingredients.

What is the difference between Naturally Occurring and Naturally Derived?

Naturally occurring is defined as a natural product that is delivered in its natural form as it would come from the fresh plant/seed/flower.

In a COSMOS certified organic formulation we term this ingredient a Physically Processed Agro-Ingredient .

An example is a natural Xanthan Gum in its powdered form. This may be grown commercially or organically. 

Naturally derived is defined as an ingredients derived from a natural product that has been chemically manipulated to artificially create a product that is delivered in a form that would not occur in nature. 

In a COSMOS certified organic formulation we term this ingredient a Chemically Processed Agro-ingredient – certifiable only by using agricultural organic raw materials as the starting feedstock i.e. Organic Coconut Oil
 – and manufacturing processes that are clean and authorised, all under the umbrella of “Green Chemistry”.

An example of such an ingredient is a natural glycerine soap... its feedstock is organic olive oil and it is heated with a little sodium hydroxide to split the fatty acids apart creating an entirely new finished raw material... a Soap. 

Every eco.kid Formulation is Independently


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