HOW TO USE Nit Ninja Daily Shampoo

Begin at the nape and behind the ears, as this is where Nits like to hang out on kids. This makes sure the highest potency of actives go where they can do it best work. Apply to wet hair, lather, leave the bubbles on the hair for 2-3 minutes (important as it needs time to do its stuff!), rinse thoroughly. For best results always follow with Nit Ninja Daily Defense Conditioner. 

Ideal for everyday use, rich in pure Australian essential oils… it smells nice to us but not nice for lice. Essential Oils are Mother Nature's own wild-crafted defense against nasties.

We bottle the best naturally derived renewable ingredients we can find and nothing else.

Why repeat Nit Picking treatments every seven days?

Getting rid of the unsightly lice eggs (nits) helps prevent a few baby lice hatchlings become a full infestation and effect other kids.