The Art & Science of Plant-Based Pet Care

Desexing and Skin Lipids

Our goal is to always create unique functional care formulations that nurture and reinstate the skin’s natural lipid balance, and provide omega-rich, preservative-free prebiotic plant essences able to support a resilient microbiome; thereby restoring the skin’s natural self-correcting pH function and inert immune defences that are diminished through desexing.

Desexed and Ultra-Sentitive Skin Types

Especially Crafted

The skin of our beloved fur babies possesses unique characteristics, being seven times thinner and significantly more sensitive than human skin. Recognising this distinction that fur babies are not miniature versions of humans, necessitating products designed with a keen awareness of these differences. Similar to human babies, the primary defence mechanism for our fur babies' skin lies in the natural lipid barrier of Sebum produced by the sebaceous glands in their skin.

However, in our contemporary world, many pets undergo desexing procedures. Since Sebum production is hormonally regulated across all mammals, within 30 days of desexing, our pets experience a remarkable reduction of more than 80% in Sebum production, permanently altering their skin to a level below that of a newborn puppy. This creates a perpetual state of fur baby vulnerability.

This human-induced physiological shift results in exponentially more delicate and sensitive skin, rendering our fur babies highly susceptible to chemicals and natural irritants in their environment, and those found in traditional pet care products, such as sulphates, artificial fragrances, biocidal preservatives and synthetic lipids.

Through desexing, their natural skin responses are permanently compromised, preventing them from maintaining normal barrier function protection, counteract UV-induced free radical exposure, delivering Vitamin E to the skin, regenerating natural moisture factors, and crucially sustaining their natural microbiome and acid mantle.

Our formulation development and innovation strive to explicitly address these, to now, overlooked factors in creating an all-natural, preservative-free, bio-mimicking lipid supplements topically applied where its needed most. Our ecologically advanced, ultra-gentle soothing & moisturising technologies are all derived from 100% natural pure plant essences and nothing else!

Unique Green Technology

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Green Tech Partnership

Professor Colin Raston

Professor of Clean Technology

College of Science and Engineering

Professor Colin Raston FRACI CChem FRSC is a South Australia Premier's Professorial Research Fellow in Clean Technology.