At eco.kid, we’re all about hair care that’s good for your little ones and good for the planet. We were tired of our kids bathing in chemical concoctions, detergents and synthetic perfumes. Which is why our founder, Peter Francis, decided enough was enough.

As an award winning trichologist, world master hairdresser and father of two, he developed - a hair care range for kids that is certified organic, vegan and bursting with pure plant essences. You won’t ever find any silicones, synthetics, biocidal preservatives, artificial colours or fragrances here!

The inspiration for eco.kid

The birth of Peter’s daughters was a major catalyst for eco.kid.

“Having my children in my life fundamentally changed my focus and priorities. I realised that true beauty is directly linked to the beauty of the world around us. I had become progressively concerned about the synthetic chemicals I had been using and promoting in my professional career and their lack of integrity with regard to long-term health, sustainability and biodegradability."

This then launched Peter’s lifelong study of the power of plants and the use of sustainably sourced, raw ingredients in hair care products. After successfully launching his first range of certified organic, professional-salon hair care (Abaché Organics), Peter turned his focus to his kids. Drawing on his trichologist background and knowledge, he wanted to create a kid-friendly and planet-friendly range of hair care that he’d use on his own kids. And so, the formulations for eco.kid began. As Peter says:

 "I would describe my formulations as a fusion of all of my life's professional and personal journey. You can never take the hairdresser and trichologist out of my formulating foundation, nor the influence of my immersion in over two decades of research into the traditional use of indigenous Australian, Amazonia, African and Indian Ayurvedic plants... together these unique circumstance guide and inspire my raw ingredient selection and final product outcomes."  

Our Founder: Peter Francis

Award winning Formulator, Trichologist, and World Master Hairdresser

Having begun as an apprentice hairdresser in 1978, to later becoming a hair salon owner and renowned trichologist, Peter has dedicated his life to the world of hair and beauty. Through years of study and travelling the world, he’s become a pioneer of certified organic hair care and personal care.

Today, Peter's formulating-life is dedicated to producing bespoke and uncompromising certified organic personal care formulations, guided by the principle of “always the healthiest choice” for his customers, the planet and its communities.

"My ultimate goal when I create a formulation is to craft exclusively from 100% natural sustainably sourced raw ingredients. The formulation must be 100% free from biocidal preservatives, 100% vegan, 100% readily biodegradable, and free from synthetic moieties wherever possible".

Accomplishments & Awards

  • 1981: won the South Australian Junior Chamber of Commerce Apprentice of the Year Award
  • 1984: opened his first hair salon, Abaché Hair & Body
  • 1986: won the "Ronald Salinger Award"... for excellence and outstanding contribution in the field of trichology
  • 1995:
    • Became the first Australian to be awarded the title of ‘World Master of the Craft’ by the Art and Fashion Group International (New York, USA).
    • Won the award for ‘Australian Excellence in Hairdressing Education’
  • 1996:
    • Won the title of ‘Australian Image Styling Champion’
    • Finalist for ‘Australian Hairdresser of the Year
  • 2002: awarded the ‘Australian Image Styling Champion of Champions’
  • 2014:
    • After 8 years of in-salon formulation research and development, Peter’s first salon-professional range, Abaché Organics, was launched. It became the very first hair care regime in the world to achieve certified organic status under the unified European COSMOS Natural & Organic Cosmetic Standard.
    • The Organic Monitor announced Abaché Organics as the first place recipient of the prestigious "Green Formulations Award" for its 2014 Sustainable Beauty Awards (Paris, France).



Never use Water-based product to remove headlice eggs.

Schools often send notes home instructing parents to comb the hair with conditioner to inspect for headlice. Although well meaning, this advice is not as helpful as it is intended to be.

Water-based product will swell human hair 15% within 2 minutes making the lice eggs more difficult to remove.

Oil-based products will not swell the hairshaft and are transparent making it much easier to identify the live lice and much easier to remove lice and thier nit eggs from the hair.


Oil-based Are the Best Headlice Treatments

Oil-based Headlice combing solution and headlice treatments are the best choice for detecting and eradicating headlice.

Any oil will suffocate the live lice and the oil will help support the easy release of the lice nit eggs.


Why are nit eggs so tough to remove

The nit eggs are glued to the hairsaft by a liquid chitisan. Chitisan is the same natural material as the shell of a beetle, so once it dries and hardens it forms a permanent casing around the hair fibre.

Only sliding the casing up the hairshaft will allow it to be removed.

Nit Ninja Nit Picker Pre-Shampoo Combing Oil is formulated to penetrate beneath the tough shell structure and lubricate the hair fibre to allow for effortless removal of the egg.