Headlice Infestation is a thing of the past!

Headlice Infestation is a thing of the past!

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Headlice infestation is a thing of the past!


Headlice infestation is a totally preventable affliction for any kid…just like sunburn. When used regularly, we all know that sunscreen helps to prevent our kids (and parents) from getting sunburnt. Well, we took that same approach when we invented the eco.kid Nit Ninja range – a hair care range designed to prevent and treat nits.

Kids of school age are highly likely to be surrounded by the threat of headlice infestation on a daily basis. So, we studied these little suckers (headlice and their nit eggs) to create a way to prevent this – because prevention is certainly easier and less stressful than treatment!

Learn more about headlice infestations and how to avoid them…

What is a headlice infestation?

Here is the important distinction – finding one or two nits or a few eggs at the roots of your kid’s hair shaft is not a headlice infestation. But, lifting the hair on the back of your kid’s head and seeing dozens of lice run for cover, with eggs dotted everywhere and your kids scalp inflamed with lots of tiny bite marks... now that is headlice infestation... and totally preventable!

Where do kids get nits?

Researchers all over the western world have shown that headlice are ever present in the classroom. And our research shows that 33% of kids, at any given time, have some form of headlice.

Now, this means that lice or viable eggs have been detected, it does not mean that 33% of kids are suffering an infestation as we described above. 

Girls are also around two times more likely to have nits than boys. This is because they have more hair for lice to use for transfer, and their manner of play tends to involve much closer head-to-head contact.

How do kids get nits?

Headlice move from hair-to-hair like little trapeze artists, effortlessly swinging to their next host head. They are also thought to be mostly or totally blind, so they don’t use sight to find a new host. Instead, they use a scent-detector on their antenna to recognise the smell of their potential host.

This is why we’ve put loads of pure organic, essential oils into every Nit Ninja formulation, so that your kid's hair smells like pure fumes of essential oils, rather than smelling like a kid.  

Can nits stay alive on clothes or hats?

Headlice never deliberately leave their food source (a kid’s scalp) without recognising another food source. So yes, that means they are never found in hats, caps, pillows or dressing-up boxes. If they were to accidently end up on one of these items, they would be dead in just a few hours from dehydration.

How to prevent a headlice infestation: 3 tips

  1. Slick back flyaway hairs

Because nits use hair to swing to and from hosts, it is so important to use leave-in conditioners and light or strong hair waxes that keep flyaway hairs to a minimum. We personally recommend the Bubbalicious Hair Wax or Tuff Stuff Hair Wax.

If their hair is slicked back, it means two kid’s heads actually have to touch before headlice can transfer. Which is less common than two kid’s fluffy pigtails or ponytails brushing together.

  1. Use a daily shampoo & conditioner

Nit Ninja Daily Defence Shampoo and Nit Ninja Daily Defence Conditioner are both rich in essential oils to treat any hitchhiking headlice that may have transferred to your kid’s head over the past few days. With their unique formulation, they also cleanse your kid’s hair to leave it soft, shiny and beautiful.

  1. Act fast before it becomes an infestation

The best way to prevent a few lice become a full-blown infestation, is to treat any existing ones. Use the Nit Ninja Pre-Shampoo Combing Oil to remove any live nits and stubborn eggs. It can be used before shampoo and is the best strategy for detecting and getting rid of those pesky nits!

  1. Treat, treat, treat!

And if it’s all a bit too late, and you’ve discovered a major infestation, then the Nit Ninja Lice Bomb is the ultimate lethal weapon against headlice. Made with certified organic ingredients, it’s healthy and safe enough to use as much as needed.

But if you use the entire Nit Ninja hair maintenance regime whenever headlice are prevalent at school, then you will never need Nit Ninja Lice Bomb.


Nit Ninja is the healthiest way to protect your kid’s hair and scalp from nit infestations. By making their hair unattractive, you’ll never have to deal with a headlice infestation when you have Nit Ninja in your arsenal.

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