Why Choose Nit Ninja Lice Bomb?

Why Choose Nit Ninja Lice Bomb?



eco.kid Lice Bomb has been created from ingredients that are organically certified, plant derived, wild harvested, vapour distilled, readily biodegradable and indigenous to Australia...it's the healthiest choice for our kids and pour Planet! 

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Why Choose Nit Ninja Lice Bomb?


Eco.kid is the purest hair care range for kids… combining Mother Nature’s gentlest, organically certified ingredients to deliver a healthy hair and scalp.

The range consists of a Lice Bomb, formulated from Australian pure plant essences and a 4 step system of organic hair products that combine to help make hair unattractive to head lice... they smell nice to us but not nice for lice.

Are eco.kid hair products head lice products?

eco.kid is a brand dedicated to providing the highest quality, naturally derived, personal care products (skin & hair) for children from 3 to 12 years old.

The fact that eco.kid Nit Ninja haircare products help to create an unattractive environment for head lice is only one of the many benefits of the entire range.

eco.kid Nit Ninja Lice Bomb especially formulated for the treatment of headlice is an organic, pure essential oil, lice bomb that aids in the removal of head lice and their eggs, while being non-toxic and non-aggressive to kids.

Recent findings have shown that there is a lack of effective head lice products on the market because lice are evolving to be immune to chemical treatments — eco.kid Lice Bomb helps treat and remove head lice and their nit eggs with essential oils, it does not contain the synthetic pyrethoid chemicals that lice have become resistant to.

Over 80% of head lice have been found to be resistant to pyrethroid chemicals, the main ingredient in many commercial delousing products¹.

Essential Oils are Mother Nature's first line of defence for plants against insect infestation or plants use them to attract insects to their flowers for pollination. By way of example Essential Oils are present in the skin of fruits such as lemons and oranges to create a chemical barrier to insects eating the fruit. Essential Oils are also present in the blossoms of lemons and orange flowers to attract bees and pollenating insects. The chemical makeup of the essential oils in an orange blossom oil and that of an orange fruit oil are totally different.

Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Oils are other classic examples where one type of essential oil is created by the plant for its blossoms and a totally different chemical structure of essential oil is found in the leaves, to protect the tree from insect infestation... pretty clever, hey?

These complex chemicals both safe for human consumption and smell nice to human's, however, to insects the blossom oil is highly-inviting and the latter is highly-toxic. So, the latter (Orange Peel Oil, Tea Tree Oil & Eucalyptus Oil) are ones that we choose to be incorporated into Lice Bomb... pretty clever, hey?   

Background Research:
A recently published paper in the British Medical Associated journal Archives of Disease in Childhood has shown that 80% of head lice appear resistant to pyrethroid chemicals which are commonly used in delousing treatments. New Scientist states that “The most common weapons against the head louse use chemicals known as pyrethroids and organophosphates, both of which disrupt the creature’s nerves”.²

A pyrethroid is a synthetic chemical that kills most insects. Pyrethroids are common in commercial products such as household insecticides and insect repellents. Pyrethroid head lice treatments have been used for some twenty plus years and over this time, head lice globally have become generally resistant to this chemical type.

An organophosphate is the general name for esters of phosphoric acid. They can be found as part of insecticides, herbicides, and nerve gases, amongst others. One type of organophosphate called Methidathion is used in many head lice treatments. Methidathion is listed as an Extremely Dangerous Substance. Organophosphates are also used as fertilisers however these have a slightly different chemical structure to the ones used as insecticides. Even in their use as fertilisers organophosphates raise health concerns in relation to crop dusting etc.

The notion that we are going to submit an entire generation of our kids to a regular daily, weekly, or monthly dousing of organophosphates is simply unthinkable. In the early to middle of last century it was commonly thought that a regular delousing with DDT was an acceptable treatment concept. Today DDT is condemned and, in most places, banned globally.

If you want to prevent ever having to use a headlice treatment on your kids again, then all you need do is use eco.kid Nit Ninja Shampoo, Conditioner and Nit Picker Pre-Shampoo Combing Oil as your kid’s regular haircare regime and we’ve got you covered against headlice infestation.

If it is already too late for prevention… then eco.kid Nit Ninja Lice Bomb has been created as your last-choice lethal weapon against headlice and their nit eggs. It is crafted from pure plant essences that are organically certified, 100% natural, wild harvested, vapour distilled, readily biodegradable and indigenous to Australia...it's the healthiest choice for our kids and our Planet! 


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